MDN Edify Education


Founded in 2003, MDN Edify Education caters to all segments of the education sector and offers a plethora of services. Edify is proud to be known as the only licensor in India to offer a variety of different school models for every market segment. It has established more than 68 K-12 schools and 164 Edify Kids Pre-schools PAN India.

A holy grail to touch millions of lives by molding young minds will always be at the heart of all activities of Edify. This very philosophy and belief led to intensive research in the fields of Academics and metamorphosed the development of innovations in designing Edify’s very own 3C curriculum and books, pedagogy along with resource and infrastructure development combined with comprehensive and intensive teacher training. The 3C curriculum developed by Edify was initially intended for Edify’s chain of schools. However, worldwide appreciation for the 3C Curriculum has encouraged us to make it available to preschools as a powerful tool for transforming education in India.