Innovative Teaching Learning Strategies


Inquiry-based learning is a research-based strategy that actively involves students in the exploration of the content, issues, and questions surrounding a curricular area or concept. A student-centric approach to teaching and learning that focuses on the students’ questions, ideas and observations at the heart of the learning experience. Inquiry is not so much seeking the right answer, because often there is none, but rather seeking appropriate resolutions to questions and issues. Moreover it is not just asking questions, but converting data and information into knowledge that can be applied.

Hand-on experiments and practical life experiences make learning more interesting and easy to understand concepts. The core premise of this pedagogical approach emphasizes on making learning an authentic experience and acknowledging that these experiences occur at specific times within a specific place.

The art of storytelling has been used in learning for centuries to pass on knowledge and wisdom. Using stories as a medium to engage students in real world concepts makes learning more impactful, memorable and relatable.