Edify Support


Edify’s centrally created daily, monthly and yearly detailed lesson plans with assessments, teaching strategies, calendars, manuals and question banks help maintain the highest standard of academic delivery. EDIFY support is a detailed and in-depth resource manual which is instrumental in transforming teachers into facilitators.

Annual Calendar

The Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, teachers and all related departments. The detailed calendar includes :
  • 1. Assessment dates
  • 2. Inter-house event dates
  • 3. School annual function dates
  • 4. Holidays
  • 5. Special assemblies
  • 6. Parent connect program dates and so on

Student Diary Format

A handbook that gives students insightful information on school policies, curriculum they would delve in, leave applications, extra-curricular activities and day wise learning engagements.

Yearly Syllabus Bifurcation

A yearlong syllabus plan for teachers which intends to give an overview of the curriculum. This is a part of the teacher master planner which helps them stay on track every month in meeting the curriculum goals that they might have set for the year.

Monthly Academic Plans

The purpose of formulation of a month academic planner is to: 1. Promote transparent communication between the school and its stakeholders. 2. Inform the parent and student community about the projected learning for the month. 3. Promote planning of learning engagements by teachers such that they are time bound.

Daily Session Plan and resources

A good strategic lesson makes helps teachers become confident and improve their efforts in a classroom: 1. Lesson plan saves time 2. Lesson plan tells a teacher “how to teach” 3. Lesson plan avoids teacher from teaching cover to cover 4. Promote planning of learning engagements by teachers such that they are time bound.

Wonder Room Activities

Teaching aids, resources, manipulatives that help in the development of 3C milestones.

Language Development Activities

Teaching language in an integrated manner catering to receptive and productive skills based on the considered age group’s ability.

Assessment Tasks and Associated Assessment Tool

Assessments are formative and summative in nature allowing scope for improvising teaching and learning practices.


All formats of circulars are provided for effective communication with the parent community at large.


A detailed guidebook on how to transact curriculum in accordance to its philosophy and document evidence of learning.