Edify Reflect


Assessment is integral to planning, teaching and learning. Assessments include design and specification of activities or tasks that students undertake to support their learning and makes provision for feedback as guidance to enhance students’ knowledge. Edify’s well designed formative and summative assessments, regular report cards provide learners with feedback and set standards for them to strive towards continuous improvements.


Students participate in group activities as well as individual activities and are observed regularly by the teachers. Observing and recording the behavior of young children helps understand what interests and engages them.

Goal oriented tasks with established criteria that give students an opportunity to assess the given task in numerous ways with multiple responses expected. Role plays, PPT presentations, poster making etc. are the tools used for these assessments.

These are exercises with single word answers that help cover a broader range of curriculum in a limited time span and assess the promptness of the student. True or false, multiple choice, matching questions, quizzes, fill in the blanks are the tools used for these assessments.

The students get an opportunity to unleash their creative side through these tasks. The responses obtained are original in nature and unique to each child. These are the tasks that are filed in the student portfolio.

Rubric Sheet: Content and performance standard features expected for student work.
Checklists: The lists of information, data, attributes or elements that should be present.
Continuums: Visual representations of development stages of learning.
Anecdotal records: Short stories that educators use to record significant incidents.
Exemplars: Samples of student’s work.