Edify Develop


Professional development for 21st century teachers is crucial to change the traditional roles of teachers as instructors to facilitators of learning. The goal is to play a crucial role in the child’s learning process in addition to personal upgradation. Training at Edify is designed to mimic a classroom setting where teachers receive hands on practical experience of a classroom transaction. The training topics are relevant and address common concerns of teachers in relation to classroom management, making classrooms interactive, delivering curriculum philosophy and so on.

Comprehensive training and development programs are conducted once at the beginning of the academic year and once during the academic year by the most passionate, qualified and competent trainers. Our clients are provided with:

12 hours of intensive training at their school campus

36 hours of online training

24 hour cluster training program spanning over 3 days at Hyderabad

Online teacher training
Education is a continuous process which just cant stop!