Edify 3C Books



3C Core instructional books are skillfully crafted by experts who have combined the best teaching practices at par with international standards to make learning more experiential and explorative. The books have the most appealing look, feel and content structure which serve as a perfect companion for students to make learning self driven, meaningful, relatable and purposeful.

Characteristics of 3C books

Every student is equipped with 3 content books, 3 work books and an optional art book.

Content Structure

Each inquiry module is supported with one content book and one workbook. The content book consists of selected concepts of EVS, English and Math such that an integrated approach can be established. The associated work book is filled with exercises which are practice and inquiry-oriented hands on activities. Unlike the usual approach of repetitive homework the work books focus on application of taught concepts.

Curriculum Design and Pedagogy

In order to implement transdisciplinary learning, the 3C curriculum adopts a thematic approach towards learning. The themes have a wide range of descriptors which are broad enough to accommodate various subject related concepts under a single main idea that is indicative of an action. This action has significant implication in a student’s day to day life and decision making. The modern curriculum design is most effective because of it’s unique teaching-learning processes and learner-centric approach.

3C Curriculum