Age Appropriate Life Skills


3C curriculum has adopted the international practice of ‘Milestone skills’ from Finland and Montessori to ensure that students acquire age specific Everyday Practical Life Skills (EPL). The three highlight skills are Self management, Interpersonal and Financial management milestones.


Self Awareness Skills – The thinking skill that focuses on a child’s ability to accurately judge their own performance and behavior to respond appropriately to different social situations.

Interdependency Skills – The skill that focuses on interaction, relation and the desire to connect with other people and their surroundings, these are also known as people skills.

Self Management Skills – The skill that focuses on communication, efficient interaction, making good decisions and improved time management.

Thinking Skills – The skill that focuses on the mental processes that we apply when we seek to make sense of experience.

Social Skills – The skill that focuses on interaction and communication with others in verbal and nonverbal ways appropriately under different social situations.

Communication Skills – The skill that focuses on the ability to convey or share ideas,feelings effectively and develop the ability to comprehend what is being said with effective listening skills.

Fine Motor – Acquiring skills to accomplish everyday tasks such as dressing up, mastering dining etiquette, maintenance of self-hygiene through toilet etiquette and so on through innovative monthly activities.

Gross Motor – Innovative programs that impact the endurance of the child and ability to navigate the environment through whole body movements such as running, jumping, walking etc.